Efrat A.

Novotalk gave me my self-confidence back. After a few months of using the program, my stuttering majorly improved - an improvement that lasts until this day. I feel that my persistence was worthwhile.

Omri D.

I’ve been using the Novotalk system for 3 years. Working with Novotalk gave me the tools to effectively communicate in my everyday life, in work, and with family and friends.

This really is a life-changing tool, and someone who doesn’t stutter can’t even imagine the enormous impact that it had on me. The program allows me to speak to anyone, regardless of who it is. It allows me to convey my ideas and gives me confidence.

To me, that’s a huge victory.

Tom R.

I used to stutter every second word, now it's only every tenth word. The impact on my life is enormous.
I practice every day in the Novotalk system and every time, I feel an immediate improvement in my fluency.

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The Novotalk program is based on the well-known Fluency Shaping method which has been used by speech therapists around the world for decades.


As you train, the unique Novotalk system analyzes your speech patterns and provides you with immediate, individual feedback. This allows you to practice at your own pace and become - and remain - fluent.


Practicing without the constant need for a human clinician makes the Novotalk program an affordable solution, without compromising the result - your confident, fluent speech.

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Novotalk's unique online platform allows you to confidently manage your stuttering and become fluent in your speech. Practice on your phone or computer, 24/7, without being dependent on a clinician's availability.



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