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Novotalk Flow Program

We’ll help you master speaking fluently. You’ll learn proven techniques through fun and easy to understand video tutorials, followed by short practice sessions with immediate feedback. The process is supervised by a clinician that comments and supports according to each individual’s needs.

  • Ages 14 and older
  • Course Length: 10-12 weeks
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What can I expect?

Learn the foundations of fluency

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will:

  • Learn proven techniques through Novotalk’s program of speech mastery
  • Experience and practice speaking fluently every day
  • Learn to manage your speech rate and reduce stuttering significantly
  • Receive personalized guidance from a clinician
  • Get emotional support so you can speak easily in a variety of real-life situations
  • Practice your speech in online conversations with clinicians and other members of the Novotalk's community
  • Practice up to 30 minutes practice a day

Post-course practice routine

To maintain your gains, for 3-6 months after the course you’ll:

  • Practice in real-life situations, gradually and safely
  • Explore new settings to speak in, that you couldn't before
  • Work at your own pace, according to your personal needs
  • Practice up to 20 minutes a day

Ongoing maintenance

Safeguard your progress with just 5-7 minutes a day:

  • Practice the basic techniques of the method and keep your stuttering away.
  • Continue exploring new challenges and accomplish what you couldn't in the past

Express yourself freely

  • Welcome to novotalk

    3 lessons


    3 lessons


    2 lessons

    Voice production

    4 lessons

    2 Seconds per Syllable Pattern - Part 1

    5 lessons

    2 Seconds per Syllable Pattern - Part 2

    6 lessons

    2 Seconds per Syllable Pattern - Part 3

    3 lessons

    One Second Patten

    5 lessons

    One Second Patten With Intonation

    4 lessons

    Self Managed Speech Rate

    3 lessons

    Pace Changes

    2 lessons

    Integrated Speech

    2 lessons

It’s easy to get started

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  • How is stuttering treated using the Novotalk System?

    Novatalk uses an integrative treating technique, of a well-known, traditional stuttering therapy techniques based mainly on the fluency shaping, with special modifications designed to allow you aquire a natural and fluent speech. The course is based on self-learning and digital feedback, using Novotalk’s unique Monitor. In addition, the Novotalk system enables maintenance of this acquired fluency by allowing a short, convenient and accessible platform for everyday practice, after achieving fluent speech. The therapy is followed by an experienced speech therapist available to . The course is also followed by an emotional process of “creating a speech space” course that helps to deal with the emotional difficulties which accompany the stutter.

  • What form does the studying take?

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  • Is the Novotalk course suitable for everybody?

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  • How often do you have to practice? How long is each practice session?

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Novotalk Flow

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